[Big] Kids toys

[Big] Kids toys

When my kid was two, I bought her a motorised ride-on.
Not impressed with the ‘binary’ RC controls (press-for-whiplash), I swapped the ESC for a semi-real one from an RC car I had spare.

That lead me into the dangerous spiral of modifications!

When these leave the factory, they are built to a cost, so pushing the electricals beyond that without replacing, may bite you!


In the case of this, it all melted! – Why?

The car was slow, so I upgraded the motors. Unfortunately for the wiring, these drew in excess of 13A (opposed to 5A of the originals).

This was initially evident when the fuse blew, so I swapped for a 15A breaker and off we went for a joyride.

30 mins later it developed an intermittent cut-out, so we headed home – to which it promptly died.

Upon inspection, every wire and connector had deformed – the cut-out issue was a contact pulling away until it had cooled.

So, replace with better wiring – job done? No…

The wiring/connectors were acting as a shunt. Replacing the wiring promptly caused both ESC’s (accelerator and steering) to blow.

Double checking the wiring found no fault, but using a series lamp and repaired ESC’s were showing a start-up condition where the ESC’s H-bridge were dead-shorting and I simply had too much current available causing catastrophic failure.

THAT in turn lead me down the path of using mobility scooter parts…

But how do we RC those parts and cheap?

Read on…


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