Home Automation on a Shoestring

A few years back, we had some 433Mhz controlled sockets.
Forever loosing the remote, and the advent of the RasPi hack that could send radio signals, I hashed together a simple web page with big buttons to send a signal when pressed.

This worked 50% of the time. Sometimes taking multiple presses or wiggling of the antenna to work.

Later, I bought some Super-het transmitters, but that only improved slightly, but I had too much else to do than spend any more time on it.


Recently I really got into ESP8266 modules. Looking into fitting these onto the existing sockets above, I found itead SonOff modules.

In the search for something to control them, I found Node-Red.

…Then the Amazon Echo Dot came out.

So currently, I have three lamps using MQTT to control them via Node-Red,
the Echo talking to Node-Red, as well as an iPad via HomeKit Emulation.

Next will be wireless door-bell and thermostat sniffing…


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